Working the Oversized Trend

I wrote a post the other day all about finding your personal style and working on you. When I got writing it, it reminded me to address my style a bit more. I mentioned it briefly but it’s time to give a bit more of an insight. For me, style is all about comfort. As I’ve said on here for about the billionth time. “Comfort is the key to confidence.” I’m obsessed with the oversized look. I love the flair, the freedom and the comfort.

I think a lot of women are a bit afraid of the oversized trend. Understandably, but it’s time to forget about the size and stop focusing on the label. It will hinder the creativity of your style, or stop you from finding a new style for you to embrace.

The trick of oversize is creating balance. Let your oversized piece do the talking.

If you’re new to the oversized trend. I can understand it can be quite intimidating but I have a few small tips to help you slowly embrace the trend.

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Showing skin creates an exaggeration between the oversized garment and the body. Revealing your ankles at the bottom of oversized culottes makes them look teeny in comparison. For those looking for a bit of a ‘slimming’ factor. This would be it.

Try find something with a bit of structure to it – whenever I say oversized to people, the reaction I get at first is always ‘will it drown me?’ or ‘will it make me look bigger?’ Oversized doesn’t mean round. If your conscious about your weight in oversize, find pieces that create definition to your look. For example; tailored wide leg cropped pants could be an option for you. They are easy to wear and can slot in with a lot of garments in your wardrobe.

Get the size out of your head before you shop, I’m usually an XS/S in everything I wear, but I can tell you I have no fear wearing L/XL or XXL.

As long as you are comfortable in what you wear. That is all that matters. I stayed true to my taste and what I felt best in, and people noticed. Trust your gut, because something that makes you feel confident and beautiful never goes out of style. Size is just a number and how you wear it is personal choice.

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