The Importance of Taking Breaks


I’m usually not one for these extremely personal posts. But this time, it’s something I feel I need to address. The importance of taking breaks. As a blogger and a freelance stylist so I don’t work your average “9am-5pm” job. When I finish styling, I’m straight home to blogging. If I’m not writing a blog, I’m editing pictures or creating new content in some way. Basically, I’m always doing something.

Blogging comes hand in hand with social media. You need to have your blog content new & fresh, while ensuring you are involved in the latest trends on Instagram while tweeting to get RT’d on twitter. It’s non-stop. I’ve had times where I was ready to delete my blog, all of my social media and just quit. I’ve had days where I had content planned but I just never bothered posting. If it was a planned week off – like when I travelled to Marbella. All my content is ready to share for each day. The reason it didn’t go live this time? Honestly, I just didn’t want to press publish.

Occasionally life takes over and the digital world just isn’t a priority anymore. Taking a break is not like your usual hour out of your day. I mean a proper break. It may seem like a lack of interest or dedication but infact it’s the opposite. I’m too focused on perfecting things, I don’t want to create rushed content that’s not up to my highest standard. I’d rather create great content once a week then rushed content x4 times a week.

I suppose that’s the luxury of working freelance. Being a freelance blogger I can work when I want, can break when I want but the reality – I don’t. I’ve taken the last week to reflect. All I’m noticing is these days everyones life is spread across social media from outfits, relationships to feelings. I just amn’t sure about posting everything about me. People are so quick to judge and I never want to be portrayed in the wrong way but blogging/fashion is something I’m passionate about.  

Switch Off

I don’t want to overwork myself writing posts about a new lipstick I bought that was just ‘meh’ just to have something up on the blog. I want to focus on fashion & style. These days we’re so pressured by social media to keep content clean, fabulous and flawless. Only happy pictures always but we all need to take time to unwind and appreciate the things in life (apart from work) that make you happy. It’s quite scary to think the Internet used to be a break away from reality where as now, life is through the internet.

I’m extremely lucky to be in the field I’m in, doing what I do. I genuinely LOVE my job. So much so, it takes a lot for me to switch off, but I really think it’s important for your health. Mentally and physically. I’ve began illustrating again (I’m terribly out of practice but that’s ok)- I haven’t done it in years and I know at the end of the year I’ll be way better than I am now. I forgot how much I enjoyed illustrating.


I’m seeing my best friends who I haven’t seen in a few months over the next two weeks. So its my duty to ensure my head isn’t stuck to my phone (like it usually is) – typical blogger life. I’ll be taking some well deserved TLC with facemasks & getting my nails done. 

It’s so great to have a passion and love what you do. But it was getting to the stage that blogging was feeling like I had to do a big essay for school. Where I was guilty to do anything else. Blogging has a lot to fit into it, writing, outfit planning, editing but sometimes we just need to switch off, be in your pyjamas, cups of tea and episodes of friend on. Take time to do what you want, see your friends, have a lie in.

After I take a break, I feel ready to create fresh new content. We’re not machines, we’re humans. Put yourself first and your job second every once in a while. If you don’t re-prioritize sometimes. Your job will become nothing but a hassle to you. It’s much better to take a break instead of growing to dislike what you do.


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