The Trend Series – Tonals

Colour Blocking

In my previous blog post about ‘Wearing Sweatpants in Style‘ I mentioned that sometimes you should try a tonal colour palette. Having a tonal colour palette is the perfect mix and match for the effortlessly chic look. It’s hard to find a good colour combination for clothes, but it’s time to learn the tricks of the trade of the tonal trend. Starting by colour blocking.

Yes, one could argue due to the idea of wearing colour head to toe can be quite intimidating. The trick is to use different tones of the same colour. My problem is I’ve gotten into wearing neutrals which I just can’t get out off. For myself, I just can’t wear whimsical prints or bright poppy shades. I need to keep it to a certain colour palette, however when I’m doing freelance styling, I try to bring in shades & tones as much as possible.

Pick the correct colour and balance your light & dark tones. The tonal trend allows you to wear multiple layers of varied texture of one colour (in different shades) by doing this – it adds depth and dimension to your outfit. Use darker colours in your problem areas & bring the lighter shades to where you want to highlight.  

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If all of this hasn’t convinced you to give it a whirl, then consider doing what I did. Start with monochrome. In time, I will propose another post in the series. Introducing colour into my lookbook to show you how to easy it is to colour block with appropriate colours. When your outfit has one uninterrupted line of colour from head to toe it elongates your silhouette making you appear both slimmer and taller than you are.

No matter what your shape or size, working with tonals will always be fresh and look sharp. Wearing the one shade has the style credit. Tonal dressing is a powerful one that deserves attention. You all know me with easy fashion, and tonal dressing is a great way to appear effortlessly stylish if it’s pulled off correctly.

I think by messing around with different textures. It provides a contrast which draw attention to the look, making it very appealing. When it comes to accessorizing this look stick within your chosen colour palette. Accessories are a great way to add more texture and shape, not to mention they really make the outfit complete.

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