With new trends constantly approaching, we are always updating our style to try keep up with the latest up trends.

It can be a daunting task, not to mention quite damaging for the wallet. One of the best fashion tips in my opinion is all about building a wardrobe based on timeless pieces. It’s a great place to start in relation to organising yourself. Then as the seasons go on and the new trends hit the catwalk and the high street. Style will come a lot easier if you have the basics in your wardrobe.

Having a few wardrobe essentials will give you a base for your outfits. By having the simplicity of the basics, you can work up from there and take on the fashion world.

8 Wardrobe Essentials That Every Woman Should Own;

Neck scarf

A neck scarf is such a handy accessory. A little bit of fabric can go a long way. A neck scarf can be used around your neck, as a belt, as a necklace. The option is endless. Designers such as Saint Laurent, Acne Studios etc have brought back the neck scarf. Silkkerchiefs and bandana’s have made a come back. Not to mention it’s all about the styling. So pull yours out and see what you can do! I have an extra long neck scarf giving me limitless style options!

A good pair of flats

For those of you who have been following me for a while now. You’re well aware that I’m sick of heels. Heels are over-rated and not worth shedding blood and tears for. Although, just because you’re wearing flats doesn’t mean your feet won’t blister. But once the shoes are broken in, you won’t have pain again. A good pair of flats is an a major essential for me. I’m a runner gal. So when I have a nice pair of flats, they usually are long lasting. They are great for interviews or dressing up your outfit without the need for heels.

A blazer

A blazer gives you endless wardrobe options. Nothing screams GIRL BOSS more than a sleek blazer. It’s extremely easy to achieve an office look by simply adding a blazer. It’s also a great outerwear benefit when it’s cold – but not cold enough for a heavy coat. I love the bell sleeve look so my choice of blazer was easy. I love the sharp clean shape that gives off quite an androgynous look. When shopping, ensure you get a well fitted blazer. An ill fitted suit can do the opposite to the Girl Boss vibe making it look lazy & slouchy.

Nice bag

When it comes to investing in a handbag. It’s crucial to find the one you can’t take your eyes off. Having a nice bag that goes with the majority of your wardrobe makes life that bit easier. My favourite bag at the moment is my Chloe Dupe. Yes it’s a dupe and no I’m not ashamed about it. I don’t have the money for a real one but this dupe is really good quality and close enough for me. It’s a neutral shade making it easy to pair with any outfit. I do love the idea of colourful bags as a pop of colour to an outfit but for me personally, I like basics.

Stripe shirt

Ranking up there with a white button down. A striped shirt is another one of those pieces that just won’t ever go out of style. It’s apart of the “neutral” print family making it easy to pair with many fabrics. With the diverse ranges on the shelves right now, it’s impossible to go into a shop without finding one that catches your attention. Opt for a slim fit or relaxed fit and wear it whatever way keeps you comfortable.

A watch

A watch is one of the best investments I have. It’s an accessory that also provides a service. I know so many people are thinking there’s no need for a watch these days when they have a smart phone. But wearing a watch adds a bit of luxury to your outfit. For me, watches provide simplicity. We are going into such a tech obsessed world it’s nice to depend on something out of the tech world for once.

A good belt

“To belt, or not to belt” is always the question. I’m always “to belt.” I think investing in a good belt is definitely worth while. I have a stash of my favourite belts ready to take on my monochrome aesthetic to dress me up that bit more. This belt was a complete bargain at only €6. I managed to grab it in the sales. Belts highlight some peoples dreaded part of the body – the torso but for me I think a belt is a really good way to shape your silhouette. It can be worn around the waist for a dress or a jumper or just for the normal use of keeping your pants up!

 A white shirt

The timeless classic. The wardrobe is optimised to it’s fullest when a white shirt is hanging proud. Not to mention a shirt can be styled numerous ways. The white shirt is the most versatile piece of any woman’s wardrobe. Suitable for any age. It can be worn anywhere, anytime. The white shirt is the perfect example of effortlessly chic. The white shirt, for me is the biggest wardrobe essential. It can be styled numerous ways & still make an outfit look lush.


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