maxi dress MONKI  |  tote bag HAY  |  sneakers PRIMARK

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The majority of my clothes are black. Sometimes I like to mix it up with more monotone shades like beige or grey making an appearance. I just prefer the basic colour palette. I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to fashion. I like clean, simple cut lines. I always see beauty in basic so I never feel the need to go over the top.

Instead of experimenting with colours, I experiment with fabrics and textiles. If something is that bit unusual or the fabric isn’t a basic fabric such as cotton – it will more than likely catch my eye. I like Linen in Summer or Wool/Cashmere in Winter.

Colour stresses me out. Unless wearing one shade by colour-blocking. I tend to steer clear. People always say to me that I don’t wear much colour and I’d look good in whatever shade but I’m all about working up the basics. When wearing all black, or monochrome for the matter. How you style your outfit is important. I believe it’s the power of accessories to take over your outfit and dress it up.

With this look, I kept it basic.  The fabric of this dress is modal. My all time favourite fabric. My dad used to buy my bed sheets when I was younger and they were always made of modal or what he would call ‘jersey material’
Modal is a type of rayon but the best thing about it is it stays breathable. It doesn’t trap perspiration or odors making it an essential for those hotter days. Modal gives you that luxe feel and has two side slits for easy movement.

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