As a blogger, there’s no denying that a phone is a necessity for your career. With social media, emails to editing photos. It’s ridiculously important for both the day to day bits and managing your work load. I always work remotely and try post on social media even if I’m out of the house. 
After years of being on an iPhone (IOS) – A few years ago I made a move to Android and I’ve never looked back.
I see so many amazing apps for iPhone only which drives me up the wall. So I’ve decided to help out my fellow blogger babes who want good apps accessible from Android

Best Blog Apps

Snapseed is an app which enables you to edit your photos. Snapseed was actually rated as one of the Top 100 Best Android App of 2015 by PC Magazine. It’s all purpose photo editor for image enhancements and corrections.
Alternatively, if you don’t like tweaking your photos manually. Snapseed has default filters in which you can choose to add to your photos. 
You can share directly to social media from the app which is so beneficial to all of you who just don’t have the time to save and upload. My favourite feature on snapseed is the glamour glow and the lens blur. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s easy to use and has really amazing features.


Vsco is one of my favourite apps. I’ve been using it for about 3+ years now. It’s a free app with certain presets included. Or if you want, you can buy more presets.
It’s has really amazing filters which look like they came off a film camera. The majority of people choose a certain preset, I usually make my own, but if i had to choose I’d choose A6. It’s a really nice preset, it’s bright and fresh.
You could always mess around with a preset and adjust the brightness, sharpness etc.
VSCO you can do the basics on, but it’s a really nice app to work with.
Preview is an instagram planner. The app allows you to plan your feed. It has free unlimited grids which you can edit and rearrange your photos. The unlimited free grid was a game changer for me as other similar apps like UNUM only allow you to do up to 30 at a time. With this app you can schedule your content with photos, videos or carousels. It has an instagram hashtag finder with hashtag analytics. So really good to see how your content is doing and what your followers like the most. It also has filters with up to 70 presets. I never use it for the presets but hand on my heart it’s the best instagram planner I’ve found.
Ifttt is an app which basically lets you do more with the services you love. It has ‘applets’ such as ‘mute your android phone when you arrive at work.’ or for blogging I have ‘Connect my Instagram to my Twitter’ so it posts a photo directly to twitter instead of just a link. I don’t use it for much. But the things I do use it for I’m really impressed with. It’s definitely worth a check out to see if any of the applets suit your content.

Pics Art

I actually only downloaded PicsArt so that I could box images or put a small border around them. But when I began using it my creative juices were flowing. The app is all about going beyond the filter and creating something unique. Pics Art has a whole community full of users who are so creative and they can be so inspiring. Really great app if you want to add something different to your photos.



Buffer is an app for both web and mobile which is designed to manage accounts in social networks. It provides a means for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. It sents out your content for the best times to reach a user. You don’t have to worry about when it will be posted. Buffer has all that under control for you.

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