As you all know me at this stage, I’m all about comfort. I see so many articles with journalists bashing sweatpants saying they shouldn’t be worn at home, let alone in the house. I couldn’t disagree more. I’m all about wearing sweatpants in style. Take the gorgeous Lissy Roddy for an example. She is QUEEN of wearing sweatpants in public and looking fierce. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to throwout your tracksuit bottoms, work them in style.

How Do You Go About Wearing Sweatpants in Style?

Your sweats can be so stylish if you go about it the right way.

Try a slim silhouette.

I think a lot of people bash sweatpants in relation to them being baggy, droopy and not flattering. By trying a pair with a slim silhouette, it will be easier to style them. You could try high rise slim sweatpant bottoms with a denim jacket and some adidas runners. Mix of hard and soft fabrics.

Try a tonal colour palette.

Committed to a neutral colour palette. I styled this outfit using a cream turtle neck, camel coat and grey tracksuit bottoms. I think if you want to give them a more ‘chic’ aesthetic. A tonal colour palette is the way forward.

Pick nice colours and fabrics

Take your sweats up a notch, go for the statement pieces. The ‘athleisure trend’ was in full force, so why not make use and get some nice pieces. Sweatpants have been named a must have for every woman! With nicer fabrics and textiles on the market. Aim for something that boasts the slouchy silhouette.

I’ve always been a sweatpants gal. Comfort is key!

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