Easy Cheap Fashion

Sometimes in fashion, we need to get a bit creative. In my younger days, I used to spend all my pocket money on buying new outfits for nights out with my friends. Mortified at the thought of a picture of me in the same outfit as before. If I did this now, I wouldn’t have a cent left to my name.

Most of you can get this outfit at the cost of nothing by just rooting through your boyfriends, brother or dads wardrobe! With the pajama trend making a come back – oversized shirts can be the next best thing. It’s hard to resist a trend that doesn’t just look good but it’s comfortable too. Which is why I’m all over the nightwear by day look.

I borrowed my boyfriends shirt. It was really oversized on me, but hey. We’ve got to work with what we got. I love the oversized look. It’s comfortable, airy and it just works. If you don’t have one, you can easily thrift a men’s shirt.

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I’ve written a post related to this one about 5 different ways to style a shirt. Sometimes you just need to embrace fashion full on. Don’t be afraid of it, just wonder what you can make of it. Cheap fashion is easy once you get your head around it. Just let your creative juices flow. A lot of times, you can easily make something. Just work with what you already have.

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