Berlin Fashion Week


As some of you may know, I attended some events for Berlin Fashion Week.

The thing I love about Berlin is no one cares about you. It’s a very open city, like a supportive community. A city of creatives, which for me is a big positive. Scoping out street style has always been something I’ve loved. When studying fashion, I always loved walking the streets seeing what people have on. I still do that… a lot. I like seeing is it affordable fashion from the high street or daring in designer in which a lot of us lust over.

Street Style is different in so many countries and I love seeing the different trends in different locations. For example, the UK & Ireland have a major fad with ruffles, off the shoulder, and embroidery trend. While Paris are opting for the fashion sportswear luxe in tailored tracksuit pants.

Berlin street style is something I can’t really describe to you but I’ll try. From fresh kicks to kitten heels. The Berlin babes always have something to offer in the street style fashion sector. The outfits are edgy, a lot of the time dressed down with a pair of sneakers, which I’m always down for. But the fashion here is so different from anywhere I’ve been before. It’s more like whatever you feel like wearing.. Wear!

From a city of creatives in so many aspects, the fashion is just apart of it. Obviously the biggest side for me cause I’ve been a fashionista for as long as I can remember. Berlin has this great feeling about it. If you choose to walk down the street in your two piece pajamas, no one will bat an eye. You can express yourself how you feel is best. Don’t feel the need to follow a trend. Create one. That’s my main feeling about the street style here.


Street Style

Experiencing Berlin Fashion Week head first and eyes open. It’s inspiring to see so many different styles of fashion portrayed throughout all the bloggers, influencers, fashionista’s even the grandmother across the street.

Ok, I’m rambling now. My point is from being here I’ve realised. If you like something.. Wear it. Create your own street style. Life is too short to worry what people think or spend every last dime you own trying to keep up with the fast pace fashion industry. I got asked the other day by some girl. “How do I have confidence in a dress I feel fat in.” My response was “throw it out and wear something you feel amazing in.” Don’t be afraid if your not on trend. Only wear what makes you feel fabulous, your confidence will shine through naturally.

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End of the day – just be you!

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