Berlin Fashion Week

From Berlin Fashion Week, i love seeing men & women express themselves in what they wear. I take inspiration from everywhere I look in this city with striking pieces turning heads outside every show. In Fashion Week, inspiration and energy is injected into you until you crash.


I usually like to keep things casual, even if I’m going to fancier events. Constantly dressing my outfit down with runners or a pair of boots. I was surprised when I looked in my wardrobe to see I had brought a pair of heels with me to Berlin. I’m that kind of girl who would buy sneakers over heels any day. I like things to be different and funky, never too elegant. But, I decided to go against that for Fashion Week and dress up that little bit more.

After all, it’s my first fashion week. A new experience, the events, the people. Why not dress up a little?

Instant Regret. Don’t get me wrong, the shoes are low so they weren’t too sore. They just aren’t really ‘me‘ anymore. I don’t feel myself in heels. Now would be a good time to state that I’ve never been much of a heel person. I never took to them. I’ve always loved the look of them but if there was an opportunity not to wear them. I would take the chance of runners.

For a day of running around, walking from location to location. They are a big ‘NO’ from me. Realistically – will I ever wear heels again? Yes, I more than likely will. But I’ll be all set with a pair of flats by my side if I need them.

It’s funny because I always say comfort is key to confidence, I should of listened to myself.

Moral of the story – Stick to your gut. If you’re not comfortable in something, stick to what you’re happy in.