When I was younger, I thought blogging was the easiest thing that someone could do. Boy was I naive. Blogging takes a lot of hard work and determination. You are your own photographer, editor, website maker, content creator. Blogging takes a lot of thinking & planning. But the way you have to think about it is everyone has to start somewhere. We were all newbie bloggers once.

When I quit my old blog & created aestheticmind.co. I realized how much I didn’t know about blogging. I still don’t know everything and I’m still learning new tips & tricks everyday but I’ve decided to share some of the most important tips that have helped me along the way with you;

Be Yourself

Get inspiration and find yourself. Find your unique offering whether it be style, beauty or travel. Find ways to create different content. Your readers are coming to you for a reason. Show your self in your posts and help your readers get to know you and your unique style.

Tell The Truth

I’ve turned down so many collaborations from companies wanting me to give a great review or not state that the products were offered to me free of charge. I have made a moral obligation to myself and my readers to remain 100% truthful in everything I post. If I do get something free of charge or compensated I will be sure to state so. All my opinions and views and they will all be my own. 100% truthful.

Learn How To Use Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics with your website. Google Analytics is a way you can see how your readers are reacting on your page. You can see how many page views, users and length of time people are staying on your blog. You can check which posts have got the best views, most time spent etc. This is a great way to see what your audience like so you can keep creating the best content for them.

Meet Other Bloggers & Network

Network, Network, Network! I’ve met some amazing bloggers in the in industry and it’s been such a pleasure to get to know them and seeing their blogs grow. If you’re not connecting with other bloggers or people in the industry. It’s time to start. You could meet some amazing new friends and who knows what opportunities might come your way.

Find Ways to Get Inspired

The only way you can inspire others is by inspiring yourself. When I’m feeling a bit stuck or lost, I love going onto Pinterest or Behanced to check out some artists. Ina Jang is one of my favourite artist. She has such a unique style of photography. She gives me a lot of inspiration to create.

Invest in Good Website Design

I’m very lucky that my significant other is similar to me and has an eye for design. Mine more on the creative side, his more on the tech side. With both of us working together we worked on the aesthetic of my blog and made it to what it is now. I have changed my blog numerous times before I was finally happy. Investing in good website design presents your content in superior way.

Have a Point

I don’t usually write long content in my blog posts because I don’t want my readers to be overloaded with word vomit. Stick to the point. I myself find it very hard to read blogs unless they are to the point so I keep my blog to the way I would usually read one.

Be Consistent

If you’re getting readers back on your site, be sure you have something to give them. Consistent blogging leads to better growth and higher subscription rates. I blog twice a week. Create a daily blogging habit whether it be take photos, edit photos, write posts. Give yourself at least an hour a day to work on your content and keep those creative juices flowing.

Create a Content Calendar

Plan ahead of what content you want on your blog. This way you will have a set schedule and you can plan on what you want to focus on that week. For example you can post “Street Style Luxe” on Sat followed by “Wednesday Wishlist” then “Blogging Tips” etc. This way you know what you want to focus on, you’re planned ahead so less writers block.

Build Your Email List

Building an Email List is a great way to have a community. By growing your email list you are connected with your readers and you can see which emails from your posts they open or not. You can really care for your audience and deliver them amazing content. This is your number one goal. Get them on board with your email list so you can help develop a good rapport. You can join my community here.

Giveaway Your Knowledge

Don’t be afraid to show others what you know. If you have a skill and the best way to help someone. Let them know. There is no set way to success but if you find something works for you. Share it. What helps you could help someone else.

Take Some Time For You Every Now & Again

Sometimes I find with blogging it’s hard to relax and unwind as blogging isn’t a 9-5 Monday to Friday. Don’t overwork yourself. Sometimes you need to unwind, and focus on the things that make you happy.

Don’t Give Up

There has been times when I have just wanted to delete my whole website and just stop blogging. Bloggers who stick with it will see success. Things will come they just take time. Success definitely won’t be seen overnight but patience and determination will get you to where you want to be.

My blog is growing with me and I’m nowhere near where I want to be on the blogging ladder. I learn something new everyday and I’m constantly trying new things but these are the fundamental steps that have helped me get to where I am now.

What are your best blogging tips?