How to Wear Linen in Style This Summer


My first summer as a ‘Berliner!’ and all I’ve heard the past few weeks is how crap the weather has been. But, finally the sun is shining! I’m a big one to discuss the weather. To start, it’s an ice-breaker. The weather will always effect your mood, well it does with me anyway.

But the time has come and we are now exposed to that humid, wet, sticky heat… I’ve come to wonder how does one get through this damp June – September heat without looking like you’re melting away. What does one wear when it is hitting highs of 30 degrees?


I often see all the beautiful bloggers in their all white aesthetic without a bead of sweat in extreme heat has constantly baffled me. Maybe their secret is not spending every last minute soaking the rays but doing something resourceful like visiting cold aircon museums, or just escaping the muggy outdoors. Me being Irish, I like to soak up as much sun as possible. Not even sun-bathing but just being out and about in the hot outdoors.

In hot weather, I’ve been lusting over linen. Linen is a textile made from fibers of the flax plant. The fiber is very absorbent, which dries any sort of perspiration quickly. Linen is valued for it’s coolness and freshness for those warm summer days. Helping to avoid heat exhaustion. Don’t mistake me, when I say it’s a lot cooler. Realistically you will probably still sweat but at least you’ll look fashionable while doing so!

No linen in your wardrobe? No worries. Cotton is known for comfort. The natural fibers in cotton mean the air circulates a bit better making the heat a bit more bearable.

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