How to Style A Shirt 5 Different Ways


Learning to love your wardrobe is important. I’m a big fan of re-wearing and restyling clothes to make them look different per outfit. I’ve decided to only buy clothes that go with the rest of my wardrobe. So for me, It’s essential to have multi-wear basics. Does anyone else have a supply of those “just-in-case” basics that just can’t be parted with? I have a mountain of black tees, shirts, vests etc. But what if I told you all you need is one shirt?

Once I have one shirt I know I have so many different options, even the styles I’ve done here would look so different with different trousers that I could mess around with. I bought a men’s shirt, size XXL from a thrift store for €8 and decided to see what I could do with it. Fresh ways to style it. Trying to maximise your wardrobe and get that feeling of greatness and achievement of wearing it again, but in a new way.

“Basic, tied bottom, off the shoulder tuck, one shoulder baggy,  tied bottom and off the shoulder.”





This shirt was really oversized so there is nothing stopping you from wearing it as a shirt dress. I’m not really a dress gal, I never have been. Don’t get me wrong, when I see the right dress – I of course pick it up. But my wardrobe would be at the minimum when it comes to dresses.

No matter how elaborate or intricate one may be, I just can’t be comfortable in one. A dress sometimes can be quite one dimensional. It’s more of a commitment. Sure, it can be styled per outfit and restyled again maybe tucked into jeans. But I just prefer feeling a bit more casual and masculine.