Rory Hutton is a menswear accessories label specialising in bold and original bow ties, pocket squares and socks for stand out gentlemen in search of something unique. All products are made in the UK combining tradition crafts and cutting edge technology. Now if anyone knows me, they know one of my favourite styles is mixing feminine and masculine together for something that bit edgier. 

With wild patterns racing, I was keen to get to know Rory and his label a bit more so I decided to ask him a few questions;

What inspired you to build the Rory Hutton Label?

“I love the independence of having my own business, every day is different and I get to meet the most wonderful people.”

Tell us a bit about your design aesthetic?

“I like decoration and colour, I’m not a huge fan of minimalism!”

Can you give us an insight into your next project?

“At the moment I’m working on a very exciting collaboration with a premium gin distillery. They are creating a limited edition gin and the bottles will ‘wear’ Rory Hutton prints! I’m also adding the finishing touches to my collection for London Fashion Week Men’s next month.”

What are the main goals you want to reach professionally?

“I want to collaborate a lot more going forward.”

Looking back, do you think there was a turning point in your career?

“The decision to move from London to Scotland was a really good one for me. The entrepreneurial network here is really strong.”

What are the challenges in your profession?

“There are challenges in every profession and I try not to think too much about them as they only hold you back!”

Your sources of inspiration are….

“Nature and nostalgia, my collections have featured everything from the bees and dragonflies in my grandparents garden to Indian elephants and jungle plants. I love history so I’m always trying to tell stories through my prints.”

Do you have any advice for any beginners wanting to create a label?

“Perseverance!!! Never give up.”

Where can people purchase your products?

“On my website.”

Thanks for giving us an insight Rory. It was great hearing about the label and I’m excited to see what you have in store for us going forward.


DISCLAIMER: This post was created in partnership with Rory Hutton for which I was not compensated. However, I was gifted these free of charge.