Floral Trend is Back for Spring/Summer

Some days you just stick back into your routine of black clothes, black bags, black accessories – black soul! Most days, I don’t feel like wearing a lot of colour, always in the habit of throwing on black tee, black jeans & black duster. I wear a lot of black, no matter what the season. With the brighter, warmer weather – I’ve decided to match the weather and leave my comfort zone and wear lighter colours. The Spring/Summers hottest trend hits the market again just in time. “The Floral Trend!”

Embracing the colour. The floral trend still continues every Spring Summer. Investing in some seasonal efflorescent means you will be guaranteed to get more than one summer out of them. Floral prints add that touch of femininity to an outfit. The embroidered trend is bringing floral to bloom giving a new twist on the reoccurring fad.

Any outfit is smartened up so easily with a bit of planning. Don’t be afraid to maximize your everyday basics from day to dinner. I paired this fabulous floral jumper, with high rise jeans & my patent heels to give a more edgy feel.

The accessories were simple, just a black belt and a bubble bag. The jumper spoke for itself being the statement piece in the outfit meaning accessories weren’t essential.



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