The Chloé Fay Ali Express Dupe

The Chloé Faye bag seems to be the ‘IT’ bag at the moment, launching in a variety of different shades. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of purchasing the real deal so I have come to terms with settling for the dupes for the time being. Looking online for the styles & inspired looks that match the bag. I decided to go on a hunt to get a good dupe for a smaller price tag.

I was searching on E-bay, and Vavavoom had a similar dupe but it just wasn’t the colour I was destined for. Ali Express had loads of dupes but I did have to sacrifice time waiting to get the bag. It took about 2 months in total before I was holding the bag myself. I’m well aware that this is just a fake, and not the real deal but I was impressed with the quality & style.

It’s not a carbon copy of the real Faye, nor did I really mind. The circle chain is really what attracted me to the bag. I know Dupes aren’t for everyone but having something similar that was still budget friendly and in style was ok for me.

The colour is fabulous, and the quality is good so I can adapt!