SOSU by Suzanne Jackson - Highlighter Kit

The Details

Ever since the launch of her contour kit, all the beauty guru’s had the SOSU palette on their list. The blogger-turned-entrepreneur has turned her attention to creating her own range of beauty products and dominating the Irish Market with her upcoming new products. About 3 months ago, Suzanne Jackson brought us the news all of us make up addicts have been waiting for – The launch of her Highlighter kit with “6 Iridescent Shimmers

SOSU has really found a gap in the market for her highlighter palette, although we have amazing highlighters on the market such as MAC – Soft and Gentle, or Global glow. There is no palette made up of highlighters of different shades for us to trial and test on the Irish Market, until now! The palette has a fabulous exterior aesthetic. It’s slim and light. Perfect to fit into a bag to keep yourself topped up. The palette which contains six shades will appeal to all skin tones, from pale complexions to more sallow skin. 

With a sleeve on the exterior to protect the palette, it’s the same style as her contour palette. She is sticking to the same style across her collection – therefore creating her signature style on her products.

From the dark contour palette, the white highlighter exterior is a gorgeous contrast. See the colour swatches of the palette below! 

The Swatches

From left to right Melted Gold, Moon Sparkle, Shooting Star, Unicorn Dust, Peach Smoothie, Candy Crush

The top three shades are all pressed powders and the bottom three are all baked. For those who don’t know the difference between Baked eyeshadows and Pressed;

Baked cosmetics begin as creams, and are baked for a period of time to dry them down to a solid as a result make them finer and more adhesive, This process creates powders with a creamy, velvety texture. It also means fewer filler ingredients are needed, therefore the resulting colors are more concentrated and pigmented, as a result they might last longer and they are less likely to crease.

The pressed powders;

  • Melted Gold  is a bronze highlighter which can be doubled up as a base of an eyeshadow. More of an evening look for eyeshadow, or for those make up junkies who aren’t afraid for a bold eye look throughout the day.
  • Moon Sparkle is a pink pearlescent shade to really make your highlight pop! I have also used this on the brow bone and in the crease of the tear-duct. It really made a glow and the shimmer really took up in photos.
  • Shooting Star is a yellow pigmented shade which is lovely for those of you who are slightly more sallow skinned.


The baked powders;

  • Unicorn Dust is a baked white highlighter which is slightly more intense than Moon Sparkle. It matches up perfectly with brown and gold shades for the eyes.
  • Peach Smoothie – The shade is an orange/peach shade which can be used as blusher. A little goes a long way with this shade and you only need to apply the smallest amount to the cheeks and rub upwards, towards the ear.
  • Candy Crush – This is a pink mauve shade which also looks really good for an eyeshadow. It has a tint of bronze in it, so again – more is less!

This is something I wouldn’t use on the daily, but I don’t think I’d be without it for a night out. It is nice for work with a subtle shade such as Moon Sparkle or Melted Gold.

There is no difference with quality of this and the highlighter kit. The price point is €29.95 which I think is extremely accessible for the quality of the product. It is perfect to give as a gift or even better to keep for yourself! (I have two!)

It is launched in pharmacies all across Ireland and can be purchased on “SOSUbySJ.”


Have any of you guys used it? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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