Introducing the Blank Canvas Master Palette, aka my new handbag essential. This palette has the perfect balance of 11 velvety matte shades. Ranging from neutral vanilla base colours to dark brown shades. It has a mix of all different shades suited to all eye colours and contains one champagne shimmery highlight, to draw in attention to the eyes.

Blank Canvas’ Master Palette is my new go to, I’m so impressed with these eyeshadows – I haven’t been without it since it arrived. The shades are everything I’ve been looking for all in one. (What more could you ask for!)

In this palette, we have mattes which are mostly made up of neutral, natural shades. Some brands, such as Urban Decay and Lime Crime are a bit too vibrant and too bold for my taste. I am quite a plain jane when it comes to my eyeshadows. That’s what makes the Blank Canvas Eyeshadow Palette quite unique. Not only does it have incredibly bright, bold shades of berry and orange. It combines these vibrant shades with our everyday matte champagnes, beige, and browns.

Honestly, these shadows are of a very, very soft consistency which I was a bit weary of at first. In the end, I experienced no issues with fall out and each shade applied positively dreamy on my lids and worked well in the crease.  I am a big fan of a matte finish, I have always preferred working with them, they glide onto your face. 

As advertised, these are indeed highly pigmented and easy to work with when blending. The colour is strong when applied, and all the above swatches are only after one dip!  I currently have palettes from all a lot of the top brands such as Urban Decay, MAC, Inglot. Blank Canvas’ palette is by far my favorite – with beautiful warm tones that create a subtle day look to lovely smokey eye for night.

The Master Palette also contains a vegan-friendly double-ended tapered crease blender. The stiff flat shader end (E40) can be used to apply eyeshadow. The fluffy dome side (E41) can be used to blend seamlessly. 

Overall, this product gives a new, exciting spin on the neutral tones you usually receive in a palette. Gorgeous, pigmented pops of reds, rusts, and oranges. This palette is a must have as not only is it unique but it will be a beautiful addition to any makeup lover’s collection! Not to mention, it’s a complete bargain for €30!

I totally recommend this, 10/10.

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What are your must-have colours in your eye-shadow palettes? Let me know in the comments below!

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