Buff HD Liquid Foundation

Buff HD Liquid Foundation contains “high levels of collagen with a non-crease formula, Buff HD foundation gives an instant anti-aging result.”

This fluid foundation is water resistant and delivers a medium-to-full coverage. I am a big fan of liquid foundations, and I have used numerous brands from MAC, Make Up Forever, Lancome, Bobbi Brown (the list goes on and on..) I was a bit skeptical at first with this BUFF brand as it was extremely thick when it came out of the bottle so I applied one pump and used my stipple brush blending from the nose outwards. (I find the foundation sets easier and doesn’t clump on your face with this method!) I was actually very impressed once the foundation dried into the skin. It set in looking quite natural and radiant and only a small amount was applied onto my face. I contoured, powdered and set my skin. I was impressed how natural the make up looked on my skin. For best results, make sure you moisturize and prep the skin before applying. Dry skin can cause make up to build up on the dry patches, which can make the foundation look heavier than expected. This foundation is in the colour “C35 – Warm Yellow” which is slightly too dark for my natural skin, but perfect for when I have a tan! 


Blusher – The big ‘O’

Blusher is not something I wear regularly. It makes me look like I have just ran a marathon, I am always green with envy when I see girls with gorgeous rosy cheeks but for me, It just doesn’t suit. On the rare occasion I wear blusher I tend to go for the orange or brown tints, which work better with my skin tone. Buff has a range of 10 different shades, so there is choice to find the perfect one. I think this blusher would be suited to a paler complexion, but unfortunately doesn’t work for me. I will say I was impressed with the amount of product that catches the brush when applying. 

For best results: Wait until your foundation is set and apply to the apple of your cheeks and blend up lightly towards your ears.

Lipstick – Taupe

For those of you who know me, you know I love a dark nude-brown lippy! When this one showed up I couldn’t wait to try it, It’s a nude brown shade with a small orange tint going through it. The lipstick glides on when applying with an extremely creamy texture! This lipstick contains Vitamin E, which makes my lips feel “soothed, soft and moisturised.” There is nothing worse than coming into the winter months and wearing a lipstick that cracks your lips even more. I am always on the search for something that locks in moisture and keeps your lips hydrated. 

Lip Gloss – Embrace

I find it hard to wear certain lip glosses – there’s nothing that annoys me more than walking down the street and having a gust of wind stick my hair onto my lips. I tried this one, alongside the above lipstick, and the colour match goes a treat. I’m really picky about lip gloss but to date, this is the best non-sticky lip gloss I’ve found. It has a muted shimmer throughout, enhancing your lips without making them look like they are covered in glitter. It is fragrance free and is enriched with Vitamin E, keeping the lips moisturised. For someone who doesn’t use lipgloss, I can vouch for this one.

What’s Your Favourite Make Up Brand? Let me know what to try next!

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