Morange Mac Lipstick

I’ve always had a soft spot for red lipsticks. With so many different shades – from orange to pink tints – it’s very easy to find one best suited to your skin tone, hair & eye-colour. When I bought my first amplified creme in Morange, I was immediately hooked! It has a vivid orange reddish shade. Once the summer hits and I get a bit of colour – I wear this to death. It’s creamy, and long-lasting. It stains your lips so when it fades, it still looks as thought it’s applied. Every time I wear this lipstick I get asked about it so I thought I would share it here. Morange is one of my favourites out of the MAC lipstick range. I rate it highly every time!






Naturally Transformed

Naturally Transformed is a warm toned beige shade from MAC, with a slight yellowish tint and a matte finish which applies very smoothly. It has a creamy texture when applied and lasts through a night out to dinner. The only thing about this one is once I get more tanned – it begins to lost contrast and becomes underwhelming (a bit like foundation lips).  I usually prefer something a bit more brown like ‘Spirit’ or ‘Viva Glam 2’ so I think ultimately – in these two the red wins this battle.


Hope you enjoyed the read! Have you tried these lipsticks before? What do you think of them?

Chat soon,

Jade x