Denim came to life in 1871. From one style of jeans to the strong variety we see on the shelves today. Denim has a home in everyone’s wardrobe, it’s timeless. With so many different styles and shades, it’s become a staple piece. We all have that favorite pair of jeans we pull on when we have 5 minutes to leave before work or meeting a friend. The casual, comfy yet flattering jeans that you just can’t live without. With styles such as straight, skinny, flared, high-rise or cropped. We are always seeing denim being tweaked in many ways, but this season, denim is getting unraveled to create something different. Seeing denim in not just our jeans, but from dresses to jackets, frayed edges – something edgy!

Raw hems and fringe on denim is a way to make a subtle or bold statement. You can get frayed ends that are extremely obvious or ankle grazers. The undone hem trend is something I really like and I’ve become a little addicted, I just love the look. They work with runners, with flip-flops and heels. So easy to wear, and so versatile!


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Distressed denim can be bought in most shops and definitely on most fashion e-commerce sites, the raw hem is slightly more difficult to find! But there is never any harm in giving your old jeans a make over! Give it a DIY job with an old pair of jeans. There are a few ways of ripping the hem on you jeans and I’ve heard a number of different methods. One being cut your jeans straight across, pull the strands slightly and then throw them in the dryer for a cycle. Another method is undoing the stitching along the bottom hem of your jeans, pulling a few strands out and then throwing the jeans in the wash to get them looking ragged.


What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Razor
  • Seam Ripper

The Method:

  • Make sure your jeans are washed and ironed. Remove as many wrinkles as possible. I usually use chalk to mark the line I will cut from. First, measure up how much you want to cut off and then mark along with a chalk line.
  • Cut evenly across. (Use fabric scissors for best effect)
  • Use razor carefully along the raw bottom of the jean to create a graze
  • Use the seam ripper to pull a few cotton fibers from the raw bottom of the jean. Your jeans will continue to fray on their own as you wear, but pull as many threads you want to get. Trim them to get them even.

Rock this look and don’t be afraid let your frayed ends show! And, if you decide to give your old denim a frayed makeover, please let me know how it turns out! 😊

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Lots of love,

Jade Autumn xx