Hello, everyone! It’s holiday season. 🎊

Today’s blog post is all about holiday tanning. I am usually very lucky when it comes to tanning because when I go abroad, I tan quite quick. But in Ireland, we rarely get the sun. And  no sun + no summer = Pale skin all year round. The pain of it all! I never have a base tan! I feel so horrible prior to tan and besides no one likes being the pasty Irish person sparkling in the sun! I hate boarding a plane with my ghostly legs. I generally just feel all round better in my outfits & bikinis when I have a tan. I feel skinnier, sexier and more toned! Today I will be sharing my Top Tips of Pre-Tanning before you go abroad!

On previous holidays, I’ve felt so pale on arrival that I’ve been tempted to just lie out all day until I brown (aka. burn my skin off). This is, obviously, a terrible idea. I’ve tried tanning oils (factor 4) but looking back on it. I have realised how stupid that is! Last year, I wasn’t in such a hurry to get a bit of colour on my pasty limbs, I was careful with my suncream and I always ensure that I never have the sun on my face. I gradually let my tan build which lasts longer than nearly burning yourself for a bit of colour! I have tried tans before going abroad and a lot of them have ended up blotchy by the time I get in the swimming pool. I have discovered that if you want to get a colour before you go abroad, spray tans are the way forward.

I know a lot of you could be saying tanning beds but I personally don’t use tanning beds. I remember reading an article on a girl who had been using tanning beds from the age of 16 and by the age of 23 she was diagnosed with melanoma, leaving her with really bad scarring and obviously skin cancer. So I don’t think I could ever promote a tanning bed, I just think Spray Tans are a safer option. I know a lot of people think that getting a spray tan before going on holiday is a bad idea, but in fact getting a spray tan before you go on holiday gives you that summer glow before you’ve had your week away! Think of it as a base coat! Although you feel lovely and tan it is very important to remember that a spray tan will offer no protection from the sun as your spray tan fades. Your real tan will develop if you’re out in the sun. Wearing aftersun with a hint of self-tan will emphasise your tan and the creamy texture is brilliant for soothing your skin. It’s enriched with self-tan so it actually gives you a deeper glow.

YES, YOU CAN STILL TAN THROUGH A SPRAY TAN! A spray tan offers no protection from UVA or UVB rays, so you will still tan but you will also need to wear sun cream too. I get about 4-5 days out of my tan before it goes blotchy and you can do with the right steps!

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Here are my TOP tips to maintain your spray tan!

1. The longest-lasting tan starts before you get to the salon

Prep your skin before you go in for your treatment. The goal is getting your skin in the best possible condition prior to treatment. The better its condition, the longer lasting your tan will be. Start exfoliating every day three days prior to your new spray tan. This will get rid of any dry dead skin and even out your skin – even using a loofa in the shower will help with this. Do any waxing/shaving at least 24 hours prior to spray tan application. If you are a major tan wearer, stop wearing any developing tan two weeks prior to your holiday. Fake tan seriously dehydrates the skin, which can make you quite scaly. Stick to the instant and exfoliate it off before you get to the salon!

2. Get your skin hydrated

As you might have seen in my last post, WATER WATER WATER!! Keep yourself hydrated and your skin, nails & hair will thank you. Take care of your skin. Invest in a good moisturiser ( I have very sensitive skin so I usually use the trusty E45 Cream) every day after your shower, smear your body in moisturiser. Proper hydration is what will make your glow last, but an oil-rich formula will make it slip right off. Use a lotion that isn’t oil-based. Focus in on your problem areas in which the tan you use gets stuck to, for example; your elbows, knees, toes!

3. Wear loose clothing

You don’t want to go and spend money on a spray tan only to realise that your bra strap left a neat little white line on your shoulder. Spray tans work amazingly due to the fact you avoid tan lines. Wear an old loose t-shirt or an oversized dress to ensure you don’t get any lines! Loose the bra and let them loose! Best thing to do, trust me!

4. Ditch the Deodorant 

A good spray tan technician will give you wipes to remove deodorant, foundation, and lotion from the skin. Any of these could give an uneven colour to the skin – and there are nothing worse than white/green armpits!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice 

Your spray tan technician knows best out of everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask him/her what to do in the following hours of your appointment. Not every treatment or formula is the same: Showering just a few hours after your appointment might be necessary for one kind of tan but could wash away another. Check to be sure, and try to follow the recommended shower time and aftercare as closely as possible. If you opt for a quicker-developing formula, take note of the clock and when you need to shower (usually a few hours after the treatment). If you opt for a classic self-tan solution, always wait a good eight hours or sleep with the product on overnight. While you sleep, the pores open up and your body temp heats up, really allowing a self-tan to get to work and reach its optimum tone.

6. Shower the right way 

For the first shower after your tan, it’s always best to use water that’s lukewarm and not too hot. Avoid shower gels that leave residue behind on the skin. Basic, natural products are best.

7. Exfoliate the blotchiness away 

Don’t worry about rubbing the tan away—light exfoliation is the best way to ensure the tan is always fading evenly and no colour gets built up in undesired areas. Use an exfoliating product every two to three days, though aim for a gentle formula: A salt scrub or oatmeal scrub can sometimes be too harsh and make the tan patch. Exfoliation is SUPER important and one of the best steps there is to take when looking for a flawless tan application. When you exfoliate it removes the dead skin cells and other impurities from the surface of your skin. Using an exfoliator will leave your skin smooth and even. This way any tanning product you use will apply more evenly,  making your tan appear flawless and natural looking. Not exfoliating properly will result in patchy, uneven application and no one wants that! Exfoliation also makes the skin appear fresher and younger; plus it promotes cell renewal. Many exfoliating products contain active anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin – this helps to improve its condition so our false tan then lasts longer on the skin surface.

8. Bring away a body moisturiser with you that can be topped up

I will moisturise my body head to toe with a really good moisturiser before I go out in the evening. I use aftersun when I am out of the shower, and just before I leave I use a moisturiser that enhances my tan. This Dove Summer Glow contains a subtle self-tanner and light reflecting particles to nourish your skin!


Top Tip* – Don’t go in the pool while your self-tan is still developing – it’s important to make sure you’ve washed off all the guide colour beforehand. I try to not go in the pool on the first day and use a sun cream that’s formulated to work with a spray tan and keep it topped up for longer. 

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Lots of love, 💕

Jade Autumn xx