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So I know everyone has their own style and I am sure you know what looks best on you— or maybe you have an amazing dress that makes you feel so chic, or perhaps there’s a pair of palazzo pants that make your legs touch the sky. But a lot of people struggle to find clothes that have the perfect fit or suit their shape. I decided to do a short post regarding body shapes and the best recommendations for certain body types. Scroll down to see the different body shapes and the best thing to wear to go with it!

Apple 🍎 –  You have a slim body and carry weight around your middle.  Your goal is to highlight your shoulders and legs to minimise your middle. Avoid bulk clothing along the waist area and keep all patterns and embellishment above the bust. For the best results in tops – wear one with a soft loose material, belted waists or cap sleeve. Try to avoid tight tops or bulky fabric. In bottoms – wear a relaxed or straight fit or trousers with a high or large pockets can flatter the body. Flared skirts look phenomenal on an apple shape so don’t be afraid to embrace yourself! Try a high-waisted circle skirt. The waistband will hit at the smallest part of the torso and flare out over the stomach. Avoid bodycon dresses.

Pear🍐 –  Your hips are wider than your bust and waist and your shoulders are quite narrow. Your hips are your widest. Use colourful eye-catching colours on top and solid block colours on bottom. Find tops such as large scooped v-necks, tops with shoulder pads detailing, or a sleek kimono. Horizontal stripes will do you well. Avoid shapeless tops. In bottoms – wide leg or straight leg pants will be the most complimentary along with A-line skirts fitted at hips. Try to avoid pencil skirts and capri pants. In dresses give the v-neck or wrap style a go. Do avoid bodycon. Keep it simple on the bottom, although you can remain dressy. Try a midi skirt with a patterned chiffon top.

Rectangle  – Your bust, waistline, hips and shoulders are visibly the same size. Your goal is to give the illusion of a waist. You can do this by choosing soft fabrics that drape and curve. The best way to create a waistline is clothing that ties at waist. Use details such as bold prints, ruffles and embellishments at the hips and shoulders to create the appearance of curves. Wear styles such as fitted blazers and relaxed tops. Avoid fitted or square neck tops. Find a good pair of skinny jeans that have a large back pocket to enhance your bum. You can work A-line & pencil skirts no problem. Avoid flared baggy styles. The best dress fit is cap sleeve, or something with a definited waist. Avoid straight shift dresses.

Inverted Triangle 🔻  – Your shoulders and bust are wider than your waist and hips. You can wear a solid colour suit with printed panels along the side give the illusion of an hourglass figure. Although you want to accentuate your bottom half with detailed ruffle skirts or gathers to make the hips look wide and balance out your shoulders. Wear basic tops with no patterns. Asymmetric tops are a great silhouette. Avoid shoulder pads & shoulder detailing. In bottoms, palazzo pants, A-line and flared jeans all work for you but you should avoid styles such as baggy or high waist. You might also want to avoid skinny jeans and pencil skirts.

Oval Shape  – You have a fuller bust and middle section and a narow hip and legs. Use pieces that define your waist and and tone down the wider midsection. You are looking for wide deep top necklines. Try to avoid tucking in tops and letting them hang loose and flow instead. Wear bottoms that are straight or slightly flared. Or keep it casual with stretchy bottoms. Avoid skinny jeans or extremely short bottoms. In dresses the style that suits you the best would be a wrap style dress. Avoid bodycon or pencil skirts.

Hourglass  – You’re widest at the bust and hips An hourglass figure is usually curvy with a small waist. An hourglass body needs to be highlighted – emphasise your waist and embrace your curves! There’s a reason Kim Kardashian has adopted a crop top and pencil skirt uniform. It’s incredibly flattering on curvy girls. You can pull off the wrap and the bodycon and a pencil skirt accentuates your curves and smoothes out your thighs. In tops the V-neck is ultra-flattering to your bust, and the wrap detail highlights the curve between your waist and hips. In pants try wide-leg trousers with a belted waist. Belted trousers will fit perfectly at the waist and fitted jackets and coats will be your saviour.

Bear in mind that this post is only a guideline. If you are comfortable in something that doesn’t adhere to this guideline, scrap what I have said and wear what you want to wear! We only have one body so it is important to love the one you are in! 😚

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you figured out what body shape you have? Let me know in the comments below. 

Lots of Love

Jade Autumn 💕